Austin N. the writer at Mudsmith

Got to meet Austin at Mudsmith the other day and was pretty intrigued to find out he is actually a writer for two websites. He currently a sports writer for DimeMag and Mavs Moneyball. His outfit all in all suited him well but it was his hat that stopped me.

I was born in around Seattle, Washington so of course I did take noticed the logo of the once glorious team the Seattle Sonics. Not too long ago that team was given up and are not known as Oklahoma thunder. I did ask him if he too was sad the team was now gone only to find out he in fact is a Dallas Mavs fan all the way (which makes sense, he mainly writes about them).

It’s interesting the people you meet in the coffeeshops of Dallas.

Here are some details on Austin’s outfit: Short Sleeve Oxford Shirt from Frank & Oak, Black Jeans from H&M, and Steve Madden boots.

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