Corey M. from Writing & Research at UTD

Corey was one of the people I mentioned in the previous post who agreed to be featured on Dallas Street Fashion. To all of them thank you for being apart of this.

It was actually so so so difficult to stop Corey and get him on this blog. He was always so busy! Well, I was too. I should clear the air by saying that it was actually my fault too. Getting two schedules to coincide can be a little difficult at times.

Anyway, just like Sophie & Jason from two previous posts, I’d say I shared similar humor to Corey so finally taking his photos for this post was pretty hilarious. So, I hope these photos turned out the way you saw them in your head, Corey (haha).

Here are some details on his outfit: Glasses are Versace, Shirt is from DesignbyHumans, Jeans are from Pacsun, Sneakers are from Vans, & Backpack is from Electric

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